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MensagemAssunto: [time/darkness]Nature Test   [time/darkness]Nature Test Icon_minitimeSab Nov 29, 2008 4:08 am

Como vi por aí o pessoal a dizer que gostava de ter um pokemon e não lhe calhava, resolvi criar um tópico onde mostra como ter um determinado pokemon respondendo de uma determinada maneira às perguntas apresentadas

Vou pôr aqui as perguntas e as respostas possíveis, e acontece que se responderem a um das respostas ganham pontos.
Vou usar como exemplo a 1ª:
Se responderem à 1ª hipotese ganham 4 pontos Docile e 2 pontos Timid, e assim é o modelo para o resto das perguntas.
A nature que tiver mais pontos, vai corresponder a um pokemon ( varia consoante o sexo ), que podem ver na tabela no final do tópico.
Atenção que nem todas as perguntas vão aparecer..

Cá vai

A fortune-teller says that you have a bad future ahead of you. How do you react?
• Worry about it! (4 pt. Docile, 2 pt. Timid)
• Forget about it. (4 pt. Jolly, 2 pt. Relaxed, 2 pt. Bold)

Are you a city person or a country person?
• I like the city! (4 pt. Lonely, 2 pt. Sassy)
• I like the country! (4 pt. Calm)
• I like them both! (4 pt. Quirky)

Are you a rebel at heart?
• Totally! (4 pt. Sassy)
• Of course not. (2 pt. Calm)

Can you strike up conversations with new people easily?
• Yes! (4 pt. Jolly)
• No. (4 pt. Bold, 2 pt. Timid, 2 pt. Docile)

Do you change the channels often while watching TV?
• Yes! (4 pt. Hasty)
• No. (2 pt. Calm)

Do you find yourself humming or singing often?
• All the time! (4 pt. Relaxed, 2 pt. Jolly)
• Never. (2 pt. Quiet)

Do you find yourself jumping to the wrong conclusion a lot of the time?
• Yes. (4 pt. Hasty, 4 pt. Rash)
• No. (2 pt. Docile, 2 pt. Quiet)

Do you forget to lock the door when you go out?
• Yes (4 pt. Rash, 2 pt. Bold)
• No. (2 pt. Quiet)

Do you get bothered by noise and ruckus around you?
• Yes! (4 pt. Bold, 2 pt. Relaxed)
• No at all. (4 pt. Lonely, 2 pt. Hasty)

Do you get injured a lot?
• Yes! (4 pt. Impish, 4 pt. Rash)
• No. (2 pt. Calm)

Do you have lots of stuff you bought, thinking it was all cool, but don't use anymore?
• Yes. (4 pt. Quirky, 2 pt. Rash, 2 pt. Hasty)
• No. (2 pt. Calm)

Do you like being the center of attention?
• Yes. (4 pt. Lonely, 4 pt. Sassy)
• No. (2 pt. Relaxed)

Do you like to do things according to plan?
• Of course! (4 pt. Hardy)
• I'm not good at planning. (4 pt. Quirky, 2 pt. Rash)
• Plans? Who needs plans? (4 pt. Relaxed)

Do you often cancel plans to meet others at the last second?
• Yes. (4 pt. Quirky, 4 pt. Rash)
• No. (2 pt. Calm)

Do you state your opinion even when it's not what everyone else thinks?
• Yes! (4 pt. Brave, 2 pt. Bold)
• No. (4 pt. Lonely, 2 pt. Timid)
• It depends on the situation (2 pt. Calm, 2 pt. Quirky)

Do you think that anything goes when it comes to winning?
• Of course! (4 pt. Quiet, 4 pt. Sassy)
• No way! (4 pt. Brave)

Do you think that lies are sometimes necessary?
• Yes. (4 pt. Quiet, 4 pt. Bold)
• No. (4 pt. Brave)
• I don't know. (4 pt. Docile)

Do you think that you might be a genius?
• Certainly! (4 pt. Sassy, 2 pt. Naïve, 2 pt. Jolly)
• Well, not really... (2 pt. Hardy)

Have you ever accidentally revealed a personal secret that someone shared with you?
• Yes. (4 pt. Rash, 4 pt. Lonely)
• No. (2 pt. Hardy)

Have you ever upset a friend when you were just kidding around?
• Yes! (4 pt. Naïve, 2 pt. Impish)
• No. (4 pt. Calm)

Have you ever wanted to communicate with aliens from another planet?
• Yes! (4 pt. Naïve)
• No. (2 pt. Quiet)

Have you had any hobbies for a long time?
• Yes. (4 pt. Hardy)
• No. (4 pt. Quirky, 2 pt. Hasty)

Hey, what's that? There's someone behind you! So, did you look just now?
• Don't do that! It scared me! (4 pt. Timid)
• OK, I admit it. You tricked me. (4 pt. Docile)
• No way. I didn't fall for it. (4 pt. Sassy, 4 pt. Lonely)

How do you blow up a balloon?
• As close to breaking as possible! (4 pt. Brave, 4 pt. Impish)
• Big... but not too big! (2 pt. Quiet)
• I don't know... it could pop! (4 pt. Timid, 2 pt. Docile)

If you don't know something, do you come clean and admit it?
• Of course. (4 pt. Docile, 2 pt. Bold)
• That's not easy to admit! (4 pt. Timid, 2 pt. Lonely)

Someone who works at a store suggests an item that isn't quite what you're looking for. But you like this person. What do you do?
• Say you don't want it. (2 pt. Brave, 2 pt. Quiet)
• Say thanks... but say no. (4 pt. Calm, 2 pt. Lonely)
• Cave in and buy it. (2 pt. Rash, 2 pt. Timid)

The phone's ringing! What do you do?
• Answer right away! (4 pt. Hasty, 4 pt. Lonely)
• Wait a bit before answering. (2 pt. Quiet)
• Ignore it and let it ring. (2 pt. Timid)

What do you do with your allowance?
• Save it! (4 pt. Hardy)
• Spend it! (4 pt. Quirky, 2 pt. Hasty)
• Spend half, save half. (2 pt. Calm)
• I don't get an allowance! (4 pt. Lonely)

What do you think of jungle exploration?
• Sounds fun! (4 pt. Impish, 2 pt. Naïve)
• Not interested. (4 pt. Quirky, 2 pt. Timid)

When walking in a group, do you tend to be the one at the front?
• Of course! (4 pt. Sassy, 2 pt. Lonely)
• No. (4 pt. Calm, 2 pt. Quirky)

Would you even consider sticking to a plan to do ten sit-ups a day?
• Yes! That's easy! (4 pt. Impish, 2 pt. Sassy)
• Yes. Hard work, though. (4 pt. Hardy)
• No! Who'd want to do that?! (4 pt. Quirky)

Would you feel comfortable stating your opinion to a very important person?
• Of course! (4 pt. Sassy, 4 pt. Brave, 2 pt. Bold)
• Not really. (2 pt. Timid)

You're about to take the last cookie when your friend wolfs it down! What do you do?
• Whatever. It's just a cookie. (4 pt. Calm)
• I unleash my cookie fury! (4 pt. Relaxed, 4 pt. Jolly)
• I weep for my lost cookie. (4 pt. Lonely)

You're daydreaming... when your friend sprays you with water! What do you do?
• Get mad! (4 pt. Hasty)
• Get sad. (4 pt. Lonely)
• Woo-hoo! Water fight! (4 pt. Jolly, 4 pt. Naïve, 4 pt. Impish)

You're eating at a restaurant when you abruptly realize that everyone's gone! What do you do?
• Alone?! I look for an employee! (4 pt. Lonely, 4 pt. Docile)
• Who's worried? I keep eating. (4 pt. Jolly, 4 pt. Relaxed)
• I swipe food from other tables! (4 pt. Bold)

You're in a play with friends. What kind of role do you prefer?
• Starring role! (4 pt. Bold)
• Supporting role. (4 pt. Jolly)
• Just a bit part. (4 pt. Quirky)

You're in class when you realize that you really have to go to the restroom! What do you do?
• Ask for permission to leave. (4 pt. Brave, 4 pt. Bold)
• Sneak out. (2 pt. Hasty)
• Hold on until class ends! (2 pt. Timid)

You're in the final mile of a marathon, but the last stretch is exhausting! What will you do?
• Hang in there and finish! (4 pt. Hardy, 2 pt. Brave)
• Stop running. (4 pt. Quirky)
• Find a shortcut. (4pt. Bold, 2 pt. Rash)

You're on a stroll when a TV crew pounces on you for an interview. What do you do?
• Run away! How embarrassing! (4 pt. Timid)
• Answer questions properly. (4 pt. Brave, 4 pt. Sassy)
• Yuck it up! Woo-hoo! I'm on TV! (4 pt. Naïve, 2 pt. Bold)

You're on a walk when you smell something delicious. What do you do?
• Try to imagine what it is. (4 pt. Docile)
• Find out what it is. (4 pt. Naïve, 2 pt. Rash)
• Think about how hungry I am... (4 pt. Impish)

You're packing your classroom's snacks for a picnic when you get hungry. What do you do?
• Eat just a tiny bit. (4 pt. Hasty)
• Hold myself back and pack it all up. (4 pt. Hardy)
• What snacks? They're in my belly! (4 pt. Rash)

You're told to wait in a big, empty room. What do you do?
• Wait quietly. (4 pt. Docile)
• Search for something to do. (4 pt. Naïve)
• Wander outside. (4 pt. Rash)
• Cradle my knees and sit in the corner! (4 pt. Rash)

You attend a fine dinner at a friend's house. How do you behave?
• Devour the food heartily! (4 pt. Impish, 4 pt. Naïve)
• Enjoy the meal in polite moderation. (2 pt. Hardy)
• Ask to take the leftovers home! (4 pt. Bold)

You discover a secret passage in a basement. What do you do?
• Go through it! (4 pt. Impish, 4 pt. Brave, 4 pt. Hasty, 2 pt. Rash)
• Stay away from it. (2 pt. Timid)

You find something at a great bargain! What do you do?
• Buy it right away! (4 pt. Hasty)
• Think about whether you need it. (2 pt. Quiet)
• Demand an even bigger discount! (4 pt. Bold)

You feel a burst of happiness! How about expressing it with a little dance!
• Yes! (4 pt. Jolly, 2 pt. Lonely)
• No. (2 pt. Calm)

You have a really important test tomorrow! What do you do?
• Study all night long. (4 pt. Hardy)
• Wing it! I'm sure it will be fine! (4 pt. Relaxed)
• Test?! I think I have a fever... (4 pt. Naïve)

You've just stuffed yourself with a good meal when dessert arrives. What do you do?
• Eat it. Who cares if I'm stuffed? (4 pt. Hasty, 2 pt. Rash)
• Turn it down. It's too fattening! (2 pt. Hardy)
• Yum! I love dessert the most! (4 pt. Bold, 4 pt. Jolly, 2 pt. Relaxed)

You've spent forever stacking dominoes... One more and you're done... OH, NO! You've knocked them over! What do you do?
• I'm too crushed to start again. (4 pt. Hardy)
• I unleash my full fury! (4 pt. Docile)
• I set up the dominoes again... (4 pt. Calm, 4 pt. Bold)

You have to move a heavy suitcase. What will you do?
• Carry it by myself. (4 pt. Hardy, 2 pt. Brave)
• Ask someone else to help. (2 pt. Docile)
• Make someone else do it! (4 pt. Bold, 2 pt. Sassy)

You hear a rumor that might make you rich! What do you do?
• Keep it all to myself (4 pt. Bold, 2 pt. Timid)
• Share it with friends (4 pt. Docile, 4 pt. Rash)
• Spread a different rumor! (4 pt. Impish)

You muster your courage and go to a graveyard at night... and see a woman soaked to the skin just standing there! What do you do?
• Run away at full speed! (2 pt. Timid)
• So what? It's just a lady. (4 pt. Naïve, 2 pt. Sassy)
• Drop down and play dead! (4 pt. Rash)

You run into a new person that you haven't talked to very much before. What do you do?
• Make small talk (2 pt. Calm)
• Say nothing! (2 pt. Quirky)
• Make an excuse to get away! (4 pt. Timid)

You see a ball on the ground. What do you do?
• Kick it! (2 pt. Hasty, 2 pt. Sassy)
• Throw it! (4 pt. Impish)
• Spiff it up, shiny and new! (4 pt. Lonely)

You see a cake that is past its expiration date, but only by one day. What do you do?
• Not a problem! Chow time! (4 pt. Brave, 2 pt. Relaxed)
• Think about it briefly, then decide. (2 pt. Timid)
• Get someone to try it first. (4 pt. Bold)

You see a parade coming down the street. What do you do?
• Stay on the sidelines. (2 pt. Calm)
• Join the parade! (4 pt. Jolly, 4 pt, Naïve)
• Walk away. (4 pt. Sassy, 2 pt. Lonely)

You spot a deserted ship on the high seas! What do you think the ship holds?
• Precious loot! (4 pt. Naïve, 2 pt. Jolly)
• Ghosts! (2 pt. Timid)
• Nothing! The ship is merely a mirage! (4 pt. Quiet)

You think you hear someone call your name. But no one's around... so what was it?
• Just my imagination (4 pt. Relaxed)
• Someone fooling around. (4 pt. Naïve, 2 pt. Bold)
• A ghost! (4 pt. Timid)

You want to reveal that you like someone a whole bunch! What do you do?
• Show it a little by playing together. (4 pt. Jolly, 2 pt. Calm)
• Make it obvious by... pulling a prank! (4 pt. Lonely, 2 pt. Naïve)
• State it clearly for all to hear! (4 pt. Brave, 4 pt. Impish, 2 pt. Bold)
• Keep it to myself! It's too risky! (2 pt. Timid)

Your friend is crying right in front of you! What made that happen?
• Someone bullied my friend! (4 pt. Hardy)
• My friend fell down, no doubt! (4 pt. Quiet)
• I wonder if it's my fault? (2 pt. Timid)

Your friend says that your shirt is inside out. What do you do?
• Get embarrassed! (4 pt. Docile)
• Laugh out loud! (4 pt. Rash)
• Say that it's the latest fashion! (4 pt. Jolly)

Your friends seem to be having a fun chat out of earshot. What do you do?
• Join them and chat along! (4 pt. Naïve)
• Nothing... I'm not interested. (4 pt. Lonely)
• Eavesdrop from a distance! (2 pt. Timid)

Your friend takes a spectacular fall! What do you do?
• Help my friend up! (4 pt. Brave, 2 pt. Lonely)
• Laugh! It's too funny! (4 pt. Naïve, 4 pt. Impish, 2 pt. Rash)

Your friend tells a joke that's horribly corny! How do you react?
• Roll around the floor laughing! (4 pt. Jolly, 2 pt. Naïve)
• Just let it go by... (2 pt. Impish, 2 pt. Docile)
• Slap my head and groan. (4 pt. Brave)

Name: ------------ Male Nature ------------- Female Nature
Bulbasaur -------------- Lonely ----------------- Docile
Charmander --------------- Docile --------------------- Brave
Squirtle -------------- Quirky ----------------- Bold
Pikachu ---------------- Brave ----------------- Hasty
Meowth ---------------- Sassy ----------------- Relaxed
Chikorita ----------------- Calm ----------------- Quiet
Cyndaquil ------------------ Timid ----------------- Calm
Totodile --------------------- Jolly --------------- Sassy
Treecko -------------------- Quiet ---------------- Hardy
Torchic ------------------ Hardy ----------------- Rash
Mudkip ------------------ Rash ---------------- Lonely
Skitty ----------------- Hasty ------------------- Naive
Turtwig ----------------- Bold -------------------- Timid
Chimchar ------------------ Naive ------------------- Impish
Piplup ----------------- Impish --------------------- Quirky
Munchlax ---------------- Relaxed ----------------------- Jolly

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[time/darkness]Nature Test
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